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Create revolutionary 3D products.
Start your 3D experience and build things we are all proud of.

Expert in 3D services

We develop innovative software and hardware solutions using 3D technologies

Hire our event team

With our 3D solutions, promote your company, your brand or just talk about yourself in an exclusive and original way. Our event team will make your event so original and unique by using the latest technological advances

Mobile Apps

Our developers design mobile applications to meet your needs. An iOS or Android project ? Ask us and we will answer

3D printers, yes we are

We have a powerful 3D printer portfolio that includes the 3D System Project660, one of the only ones in Luxembourg. Ask us the impression of unique pieces, prototypes, ...

Trade marketing

By offering customized 3D objects, you strengthen your relationships with your suppliers, your distributors and your customers.

A tailor-made service

An innovative marketing and communication solution tailored to your needs.


Validate your idea or design with 3D printing. You see and then physically touch your concept.


After a try in our BodyScan booth, print out a very realistic 3D statuettes in full color.

Customised trophy

For your event to be unforgettable, design and print a totally customized trophy.

Art reproduction

Suggest to your customers products derived from your works of art.

Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge
Makikko is the official sponsor of the Porsche GT3 #991 for 2017.

Akimo FaceScan is an integrated and easy-to-use solution that will showcase your brand by offering your guests a very original and unique gift ; a 3D figurine.

3D scan your face

We take a 3D photo of your face with FaceScan.

Choose your figurine

You choose your avatar within 350 possibilities, you modify the hair, the colors and when you please, you validate it.

Print your figurine

With an industrial 3D printer, we carry out a 3D printing of your figurine. All this in full color and with an exceptional finish.

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